Facebook Messenger has changed: new colors, themes, stickers and logo

Messenger is increasingly similar to Instagram and now also has a new logo, but that's not the only news

Facebook continues to evolve its messaging app Messenger, in view of the full integration with Instagram Direct. The new logo is no longer blue, but shaded towards the colors of the social dedicated to images.

But the logo is not the only new feature: there are also new colors and themes for chats, new reactions and new stickers for selfies, including animated ones. Messenger, therefore, focuses on the functions most loved by young and young at heart, which are then the typical audience of Instagram. For everyone, not just for the youngest, were instead the news announced in recent weeks: Messenger Rooms, to make video chat up to 50 people, and Watch Together, to watch video content with other contacts.

Facebook Messenger: what's new

To change the theme of Messenger just enter a chat and tap on the "i" icon in the upper right corner. The first option will be "Theme" and we'll be able to choose between Halloween, Hearts, Blurred and Pride, or set a gradient of colors. It's very likely that the number of themes will be increased in the coming weeks.

The selection of stickers for selfies (including video) is already very rich and is available simply by activating the camera. Finally, the new reactions have yet to arrive on Italian apps.

Facebook Messenger: the new logo

Messenger looks more and more like Instagram Direct, then, and this change is also reflected in the logo. After several years of light and dark blue, in fact, we now switch to a set of colors ranging from "Messenger blue" to "Instagram purple".

It's a sign, or rather a signal, that the total integration between the two apps already announced is just a few steps away. When this integration is complete, Messenger users will be able to send messages to Instagram users, and vice versa, without both having to install both apps.

Finally, Facebook has reiterated that "vanish mode" is also about to arrive on Messenger: chat messages that self-destruct after being read, or after a set period of time.