Facebook Messenger revolutionizes chat: here are the new features

On Facebook Messenger you can quote and reply to individual messages in group chats. Here's how to use the new feature

Facebook Messenger introduces a great new feature for its users, especially for those who interact or manage crowded and very active group chats. While many people decide to mute or ignore these conversations, others do not miss a single word and contribute to lengthen the threads.

These very active users will now be able to follow conversations without getting lost and respond easily to statements and questions, thanks to the new "reply to message" feature that allows you to quote it, adding the answer, to be posted later in chat. Emoji, GIFs, voice notes and multimedia files will also be able to be commented on. This feature has existed for some time in the main messaging apps, such as Telegram and WhatsApp, and finally lands on Messenger as well. It will certainly improve the user experience, as users will be able to follow the thread of the conversation without any problems.

Facebook Messenger: the new feature to quote messages

By now, many of us are used to responding to individual messages within WhatsApp or Telegram groups, but until now the feature was non-existent on Facebook Messenger. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg's team has decided to introduce it on both Apple and Android devices. The update allows you to resume a message sent in chat and respond individually. In the thread then will appear a box in which, the quoted message is highlighted and appears above the response. This solution is very useful in group chats, where often questions and statements are lost in the kilometers threads, and resume them without making confusion becomes difficult. To quote a message in Messenger, simply hold it down. At this point, a screen will appear with different functions: you can forward to another chat, delete, mark as favorite and now even quote in the same conversation. By tapping on the desired item, the chat highlights the message and lets you add the corresponding response. You will be able to quote, not only texts, but also emoji, GIFs, voice notes and everything that is shared in chat.

Other new features coming to Facebook Messenger

In addition to the ability to quote messages, the app is introducing several new features. For example, Messenger now also allows you to delete messages or set the dark mode, perfect for those who like to message at night. In addition, the platform is planning to merge Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram threads and show them all in one interface. This way, users wouldn't have to jump from one app to another to follow conversations. These are just some of the new features coming in 2019.