Facebook Messenger, what’s the difference between Mute and Ignore

Do you want to activate the Mute or Ignore feature on Facebook Messenger but don't know how to do it? In this article we explain the difference and the complete procedure

Have you ever tried to access the Settings of Facebook Messenger? Inside it you'll find many options: Mute, Ignore, Block, Archive and so on. These items have completely different functions, although they are often confused with each other. For example, many users often find it difficult to decide between Mute and Ignore.

The Mute option is the traditional one, available in almost any application such as Instagram, Gmail or Twitter. On the contrary, the Ignore function, was born with Facebook Messenger and represents a sort of upgrade of Mute, but it definitely has different peculiarities. For example, it can also be applied to users who are not present in your Contacts list. These two options are then activated for different purposes and can be applied to any message sent through the Facebook messaging app, including unknown and potentially dangerous ones.

Mute and Ignore on Facebook Messenger: the main differences

The concept of Mute is quite well known, also because it spreads along with the most popular apps: it is present in Gmail, but also on Instagram, WhatsApp and of course Facebook Messenger.

Ignore instead is a new concept, for the moment available in the Mark Zuckerberg group's apps, Messenger and WhatsApp. It allows you to ignore the receipt of messages from a user or a group, without letting them know.

With the Mute feature, all notifications regarding the receipt of messages from a person or a group are simply muted. The messages are still received, but the sender is not notified in any way. The person can still log into Messenger and click on the conversation to read what they missed. This type of feature is useful when a group is particularly active and updates are continuous. In that case, the notifications chase each other and can be annoying. To mute them, just click on Mute and read them later, calmly. In short, this feature is perfect for those who don't want to be disturbed.

The Ignore option is useful when you receive an unwanted Facebook Messenger message and want to ignore subsequent ones. In this case, all messages are moved to Message Requests. This Messenger folder also contains all communications sent by people who are not in your Facebook Friends list. So they are treated similarly to Spam: you can choose whether to view them or move them to the main folder.

Mute and Ignore: visibility and activation period

One difference between the two functions concerns the visibility of conversations: the silenced ones will continue to appear in the Inbox folder, while the ignored ones will always remain in Message Requests. Moreover, when you want to mute a chat you also have to indicate the desired period; while Ignore is immediate and permanent, at least until you want to change the setting.

How to activate the Mute and Ignore functions in Facebook Messenger 

To activate the Mute function in Facebook Messenger, you have to click on the wheel to access all the available options. To mute the chat, you just need to click on "Disable Conversation notifications" and decide how long you want to keep the setting: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours or until you decide to turn them back on. On the other hand, if you want to turn on the Ignore option, just select the "Ignore Messages" item and all the chat will be automatically moved to Message Requests.