Facebook, news coming for public Groups

Important news for Facebook Groups: new tools for management, comment moderation and chat to communicate between users will arrive

Facebook Groups turn 10 years old and the developers of the social network celebrate by studying new and important features to be implemented. In addition to new tools for managing Groups and new ways to interact between users, the News section will also change with more posts from the public ones.

Tens of millions of communities are active in groups that deal with any topic, with over 1.8 billion people using them every month, while over 70 million people are engaged in their management. Just for them, Facebook has decided to integrate new tools for management, as a function to set up a post moderation system with keyword search and organize content by topic. Or, improve the interaction experience, with new chats to stimulate discussions in the group and the ability to customize your profile. But, above all, after the heavy axe thrown by Facebook against business pages, it is now possible to earn money with groups.

Facebook Groups, new tools for Administrators

The Administrators of Facebook Groups have the delicate role of managing the community, allowing the sharing of ideas and passions, but always respecting the rules imposed by the social network or the group itself. For this reason, it now offers new tools that make group management easier. Among these, the tool to help Admins moderate comments stands out, for example by setting a keyword or a flagged profile whose posts are automatically moderated.

In addition, Admins will be able to organize content by topic using dedicated hashtags, or set one at the top so that it remains in evidence for all users. Facebook also opens up the possibility of earning from public groups with the Brand Collabs Manager tool, so that by connecting to a brand you can promote its products or services. Finally, it will offer online courses to explain how to create, grow and support its community, at the end of which it will be possible to obtain a certification.

Facebook Groups, how to interact with the community

New features are also planned for the interaction of group users, who will be able to have a dedicated chat to converse in real time, or send suggestions with a new type of collaborative post. Administrators will then be able to have "question and answer" sessions based on a specific topic, which the community can easily take part in. In addition, users will be able to customize their profiles in groups, sharing only the information they want.

Facebook Groups, how the News section changes

Facebook's News section will also be revamped, with the ability to find more posts from Public Groups that have interests and passions related to those of the user. In this way, Facebook intends to encourage users to join communities and start discussions and confrontation even without necessarily being registered to a group. The new features are many and the tests of the developers are still in progress, we have to wait to find them implemented in the social network but now there is not much to do.