Facebook not working September 26, what’s happening

Since about 1:30 pm, Facebook is not working in Italy. Reports of malfunctions are coming in from all over the Peninsula, with thousands of users cut off

It's not your computer's fault, nor your smartphone's nor, much less, your phone operator's. If Facebook is down, it's because, as of about 1:30 p.m. on September 26, the social media platform is offline for most Italian users. Those who try to connect from the computer, in fact, see the message "Something went wrong, try again later": something went wrong, try again later.

You just have to take a quick tour on Twitter, where the hashtag #facebookdown had no difficulty in entering the Trend Topic, or on specialized portals such as DownDetector.it to realize how widespread the problem is. The reports, in fact, come from all over the peninsula, but small malfunctions seem to be happening also in Great Britain (in the London area in particular), in the Netherlands and in Belgium. In short, the hypotheses on the table are two: or Facebook is working on some big update or, more simply, there are problems on the servers that manage and sort the traffic from Italy.

Facebook doesn't work, what we know so far

At the moment, the news about the Facebook down are not many and, in almost all, are based on reports and comments from users on portals or other social networks. According to the network, the problem would affect both the web portal and the app for smartphones: in no case, in short, you can connect to the social platform to check your wall or update a page that you manage. This situation gives more credence to the hypothesis that it is a problem concerning the Italian servers of Facebook. The timing for the resolution is not known: it is likely that technicians are working to restore everything as soon as possible, but it can not be excluded that the operations may take some time.