Facebook not working today, password problems. What’s happening

Since about 2 p.m. on December 5, Facebook has been unreachable in most of Europe, including Italy. The problem, however, doesn't seem to affect all users

You have the habit (in some ways a good habit) of logging out of your Facebook account every time you close your browser or window. Today may not be the best day to do that. As of 2 p.m. today, December 5, Facebook is not working. From this hour European users of the social platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg are complaining about a rather serious problem.

In case you are logged into your profile, you should not notice anything. But if for any reason you decide to log out and then try to reconnect, the system will reject your credentials. As reported by thousands of users across Europe, Facebook displays the message "Login Error. An unexpected error has occurred. Please try logging in again. At this point it will ask you to enter a code that you should have received by email, but the PIN received by email seems not to be recognized by Facebook's security and protection systems. In short, Facebook is down but not for everyone.

Facebook isn't working: why there are problems with login

As mentioned, Facebook is down in most of Europe, with thousands of users complaining of the inability to access their account. The problem, however, only affects those people who, before the onset of the problem, were not connected with their profile. The causes of this malfunction can be the most varied, but presumably, everything can be traced back to two macro-causes: an update of the platform went wrong, a security problem that forced Facebook technicians to reset the access of some European users.

Two circumstances that have already occurred in recent months. Some time ago, for example, Facebook was forced to automatically disconnect users from their profiles due to a problem that affected several tens of millions of accounts (an exact number has never been released). Shortly after, however, a bug in a Messenger update brought back to life messages that were years old, causing no small amount of embarrassment to some users.