Facebook, one month to reactivate deleted account

Facebook has decided to lengthen the maximum time to reactivate a deleted account from 14 days to 3 0 days to give users more time

Until now, a user who decided to leave Facebook had 14 days to reconsider and retrace his steps. Basically, if after requesting account deletion we reentered our profile within 14 days, it would be reactivated. Now, however, the developers have extended this waiting time to 30 days.

In short, if today we decided to take a break from the social Mark Zuckerberg or disappear from view of others our profile, we will have up to 30 days to reconsider. In this period of time, however, our account will disappear from the radard: if someone will try to find us or want to review our posts, our photos or our videos, will have no way to do it. Even if, perhaps, he had been tagged in one of our contents. If, however, we were to return within a month, all content will return to their place, as if nothing had happened.

Facebook, more time to reactivate deleted accounts

Officially, Facebook has justified this choice because it has noticed over time that some people were trying to reactivate deleted accounts once passed the 14 days. Therefore, the social media thought it would be useful to give more time to its members to make the final decision. Surely this is a reason but we should not exclude a new attempt by Facebook to avoid losing subscribers. Let's not forget, in fact, that for the first time after years of growth, in 2017-2018 the social platform showed negative signs in the rate of new members and the interaction within the platform is continuously decreasing.

At the moment, Facebook Italy has also extended the maximum limit for the reactivation of deleted accounts from 14 to 30 days. It is also good to remember that the final deletion of an account on Facebook has very long timescales. In order to receive all the info inserted in the platform and eliminate all traces of our passage on Facebook it could take up to 90 days, the maximum time limit estimated by Facebook for the total removal of an account from its platform.