Facebook, Paid Groups arrive

Facebook is testing a new feature for paid groups. At the moment they will only cover specific topics and not all groups on the social

Facebook through a post on its official blog has announced the birth of a new feature: paid groups. At the moment the new feature of Mark Zuckerberg's social media is in the testing phase and has been released only to a small number of users.

The feature is quite simple: to access certain Facebook groups in the future users will have to pay. Obviously these are not the most used groups such as those to find or rent a room or those very popular in recent times in the style of "I'll give it to you if you come and get it". On Facebook, for the moment, only groups designed for certain topics will become payable, such as listening groups for people with emotional fragility, groups for help in case of problems in the family or at work and so on. The idea for Facebook to create paid groups came from the administrators themselves, who, given the time spent answering users' questions, were looking for a way to monetize the time spent on social media.

Facebook and the new paid groups

Facebook decided to test these paid groups in order to understand how much and how people are willing to pay in order to have information, listening and sharing groups within the social media. As mentioned, the payment also serves to finance the commitment in the involvement and moderation of the group made by administrators. However, this is a choice that goes in the perspective thought by Facebook in the last period to improve the creation of original content and interactive methods of involvement within the platform. For example, Facebook announced that it would also allow monetization to the creators of exclusive videos and even to those who will create niche groups that will allow the social media to attract new users or grow the time they spend inside the social platform.

The subscription or the cost of entry to a group will be managed by users directly within the social, thanks to the already implemented, for some time now, payments function. Currently in the testing phase, prices in the U.S. range from $5 per month up to $30 per month for subscriptions. But it is not clear whether following the tests Facebook will change the type of payment and price ranges.