Facebook, privacy problem: the camera is active while using the app

Some users have discovered that on the iPhone while using Facebook the Camera app is also launched. The bug has been fixed

Another bad figure for Facebook, once again related to the management of the privacy of its users. This time it would seem to be a bug in the iOS app, specifically for iOS 13.2.2 (it is not known if with other versions of Apple's OS the bug occurs again): when we have the app open and we are using it, for no reason the camera is activated.

The bug has been reported several times by several users on Twitter and the camera shot is visible behind the Facebook app interface when the smartphone is rotated or when viewing a photo and then closing it (especially if it's a profile picture or page). The problem, by the way, always occurs in the same way in all reports and it would seem a bug of the app and not iOS: if you restrict the permissions granted to the app, prohibiting the use of the camera, the problem disappears. The bug was reported to Facebook, which fixed it in just over 24 hours.

Facebook's response

Mark Zuckerberg's blue social network has admitted that the problem lies in the app and not in Apple's mobile operating system. Guy Rosen, vice president of security and integrity at Facebook, wrote yesterday on Twitter, "Thanks for the report. It does sound like a bug, we'll work on it." Later, Rosen himself tweeted, "We recently discovered that our iOS app is mistakenly launching in the background," but then reassured everyone by saying that there's no evidence that the app takes photos when it accidentally opens the camera: "We've confirmed that we don't send anything to Facebook because of this bug and that the camera doesn't record anything because it's in preview mode."

The fix is already on its way

Rosen, finally, said that Facebook has already sent the fixed version of the app to the App Store and that it is soon to be downloadable. The Facebook app, on the other hand, doesn't give any problems at all on iOS 12 or any recent version of Android. To the detriment of Facebook, it should also be said that, for once, very little time has passed between the first reports of the problem and the actual bug fix: a little more than 24 hours. Unfortunately, however, the reputation of Facebook in terms of privacy protection is now so compromised that Rosen on Twitter has been flooded with negative comments, in which he points out that every time there is a problem, a bug or an error, it always goes to compromise, and never to strengthen, the privacy of users.