Facebook removes gray ticks from pages: what happens

Facebook decides to remove gray ticks from pages. The decision will have important consequences for users and administrators

In the last few hours, a news is circulating that worries a lot of social media managers: from October 28, Facebook will officially start the removal of gray ticks from pages. The company is sending notices to different admins, who at this time are already worrying about verifying their pages in alternative ways.

The social network has introduced the ticks or badges for years now, with the aim of helping users recognize verified pages and profiles of influencers and other personalities on the social netowork. Badges can come in two colors: blue or gray. The first ones are used by a page or profile, and are therefore used for public figures, but also for brands. The gray badge, on the other hand, was born in 2015 and until now was used to authenticate pages of smaller companies, organizations and businesses. Therefore, the change affects only some administrators, not all.

Grey ticks disappear on Facebook: here's why

The company spokesperson explained the reason for the decision: users can't distinguish between the two types of badges, and therefore have trouble recognizing verified Facebook pages, especially those of companies and organizations with a gray badge.

Hence the decision to suspend the gray ticks. Page administrators will then have to devise new ways to authenticate business accounts. The platform recommends publishing content regularly and completing all the required fields, this way you will be able to appear more credible and professional in the eyes of users, and the social network will reward the page in terms of visibility. However, you have to move to get an official recognition, in case you have a page with a gray badge.

To get your badge you have to send a request to the Facebook team that decides if your page has all the requirements to be verified.

Grey badges disappear from Facebook: can you aim for blue badges?"

Those who see the gray badge disappearing from their page, can try to apply for the blue one. This recognition is given to people, media organizations and brands. Only pages that meet certain requirements can get it. For example, the account must be complete with all information, comply with the Channel Rules and have a significant audience following.

Those with the blue badge also have several advantages. For example, they can use exclusive apps like Mention to make live videos. Also, the badge is a security to show to one's audience because it removes any doubt about the real identity of an account. All that's left to do is to stay up to date on the matter and see how many pages will manage to replace the grey badge with the blue one, or come up with other ways to not lose credibility in the eyes of users.