Facebook, soon you will be able to put the “mute” on comments

Facebook is inserting a customizable filter to eliminate unpleasant comments from our profile and make them invisible to friends, here's how it will work

Sometimes we publish posts on Facebook very personal, to share with friends and family one of our moods or one of our experiences, but this is not always received correctly by those who read us. That's why the famous social media has created a new feature to "mute" the most unpleasant comments.

Thanks to this new feature, which is still being tested by the developers of the social network, we will be able to mute comments on Facebook that contain certain keywords and even some emoji that annoy us. A silenced comment will be invisible for us and also for all our friends. The people who posted it and their friends, on the other hand, will be able to see the message that we have made invisible on our profile. For Facebook, which has already included a filter powered by artificial intelligence against spam and violence among the comments, this is the next step to make users more free to post what they want without having to read unpleasant comments.

How to use the filter to silence unwanted comments on Facebook

Once the feature will be released for all users, it will be really easy to silence comments on Facebook. Just enter a word, a phrase or a list of words, as well as an emoji, that you don't want to see in a specific field and the rest will be taken care of by the filters of the social platform. If a comment will contain one or more of these elements unpleasant for us will be made invisible on our profile by Facebook automatically.

There are still several doubts about the function. For example, will Facebook study a method to make invisible comments with certain words even if they are written with a slight mistake (like a hyphen, or a double inserted on purpose to get around the block) or if they are written in another language? This is the same problem Twitter had when it studied and then applied to its platform a very similar function. For Facebook, these are all questions to be answered effectively before the official release of the new customizable filter function in the comments.