Facebook takes the field: virtual reality becomes social

Zuckerberg from the stage of Oculus Connect 3 announces the testing of new visors capable of interacting with the outside world and social networks

Intense days for virtual reality. And everyone wants to do his part. After Google here is also the project signed Facebook. The social network, in collaboration with Oculus VR, relaunches the concept of virtual reality. The experience with the visors will no longer be single but will become a shared event or to be shared.

Shared Experience  Up to now, talking about virtual reality, the basic concepts have been the contents and the technological improvements that could guarantee an excellent experience to the user. Mark Zuckerberg, on stage at Oculus Connect 3, instead says he wants to expand the concept by having people interact with each other while using the viewers. I nuovi controller Oculus Touch in uscita il 6 dicembre al prezzo di 199 dollari, permettono, infatti, l’interazione con gli oggetti presenti nella realtà virtuale ma il vero punto di forza del progetto di Facebook e Oculus è l’interazione tra ciò che è dentro la realtà virtuale e ciò che invece sta fuori.

Facebook nella realtà virtuale

oculus-rift.jpgFonte foto: Oculus

Il nuovo progetto Facebook per la realtà virtuale

Per dimostrare il nuovo progetto Zuckerberg si è calato nella realtà virtuale attraverso l’uso dei visori, ancora in fase di sperimentazione, e si è trasformato in un avatar. Ha poi giocato a carte con altre tre persone, poi a scacchi e infine con una spada disegnata al momento. Con altri due avatar ha fatto un viaggio nell’oceano e su Marte. Ha ricevuto una chiamata tramite Facebook Messenger in VR dalla moglie, per dimostrare l’interazione dal di fuori del visore. He visited his dog inside his home and finally posted a selfie, also from virtual reality, on his Facebook page. Obviously once on the market it will be possible to take and post photos from virtual reality with Instagram as well. As for the customization of avatars you can choose from over a billion different features to make it as similar as possible to us.

Prototype Santa Cruz

The project is still in its early stages and takes the name of Santa Cruz. It is a prototype standalone solution, that is, able to work without the support of a computer or a smartphone. Apparently the one presented by Zuckerberg is a normal viewer, wireless, equipped with a computing module in the back. It is equipped with a positional tracking technology that allows the device to understand at any time where it is inside the room, and modify accordingly the content shown in virtual reality. The Facebook patron has guaranteed that it will be an affordable product. Although a price has not yet been specified. For many, the basic idea of Facebook is to compete with Google in the cost range of the new Daydream. But from the rumors that emerged during the presentation of the prototype, the project seemed really still in the early stages.

Oculus Touch Controller, specifications, price and launch date

(Taken from YouTube)

During the evening was also presented Oculus Touch, the controller for VR visor Facebook intended to become one of the accessories for virtual reality most used and appreciated by users around the world. The controller consists of two joypads that allow you to better manage the applications developed for the visor, especially those related to video games. The Oculus Touch release date has been set for December 6th and will cost $199.