Facebook, what will be the new name? The web goes wild

The web has gone wild about Facebook's new name. It seems that the social network is ready to change its face: here are some (funny) suggestions from the web

Facebook will change its name. It is not official, but according to the usual well-informed, the choice has been made and there is no turning back. Needless to say, a news "bomb" like this has done a lot of talk and will continue to discuss the people of the web, which in recent days has been engaged in the search for a new name for Facebook.

The decision to change would be motivated by several factors. First, there is the epochal change that Zuckerberg's company is facing, decided to focus on the concept of Metaverse and for this to invest a lot in Europe, where we will have 10 thousand more jobs. Then there is the desire and the hope to leave as much as possible behind the criticism that has rained on the current brand following the scandals of recent years and business practices poorly digested by public opinion. At the top levels of Menlo Park they evidently hope that the rebranding will serve to clean up the waters.

The new names (funny) of Facebook

In the last few hours several hypotheses have circulated on the possible new names with which in the future we could know Facebook. Some of them are serious hypothesis, others - actually many others - that have been given birth to by the social networks are instead funny, and even Facebook has been invaded by possible new funny names of... Facebook! Unlikely names in short, but that bring a smile. Reuters, for example, has collected some of them.

Some have ironized, for example, on the fact that in recent times Facebook has been abandoned by the youngest users, the same that during the first months and years of life had welcomed the novelty with enthusiasm and had enrolled en masse in the first real social in history. So the prediction (ironic) is that Facebook could be renamed in Teenage Wasteland, which we could translate as The desert of adolescents, and stands in the same wake for example Boomerville, The city of boomers, nickname referring to the fact that now seems to be a social with a strong presence of people born in the two decades following World War II, which young people label as boomers, precisely.

Searching on Twitter we also come across some Italian who has fun to imagine the new name of Facebook. There are those who would see well Fakebook, making fun of the fact that Zuckerberg's social network is considered a particularly fertile ground for fake news, the so-called fake news; and those who instead complain about the inappropriate timing, "just now that my grandmother has learned to pronounce it".

Rebranding "forced" from the past

Facebook has refused to comment on rumors, although the decision seems certain. Someone could not share the choice of abandoning a name like Facebook, known in every part of the planet, but it seems that the objective of those who thought before and endorsed after a turning point that would be epochal is to stem the negative effects that, scandals and accusations of various kinds and a management at times unclear, have ended up in recent years to darken the sky above the social.

The Facebook brand would no longer be perceived as before, so the adoption of a new name could change the perception of the brand, and would allow in a certain sense to start from scratch.