Facebook, with Live Spaces explore virtual reality without a headset

With the new feature, even users who don't have the Oculus Rift will be able to see what's happening on Spaces, the social network for virtual reality

Facebook Spaces, the virtual reality app that the Menlo Park-based company launched during F8 2017, is updated with important news. The app can only be used by owners of the Oculus Rift, Facebook's virtual reality visor, but as of today, live feeds made on Spaces can be seen by all Facebook users.

Spaces was created to give friends and people who can't see each other in person due to distance a chance to have a place to meet, even if it's virtual. Users can create their own digital avatar and make an appointment to talk and spend some time together. Logically, it is necessary that both people have the Oculus Rift. Until now, everything that happened on Facebook Spaces could not be seen by other users, but with the ability to share Live on the social platform, all users of the social network will see what happens in virtual reality.

How Live Spaces works

The operation of Live Spaces is very similar to that of the classic Live that we now see every day on our Facebook wall. But with a particularity. Instead of people there will be their avatars that they have built on Facebook Spaces. In this way, what happens in virtual reality will also be transmitted in "real reality", with users who can comment and send Reactions. One of the limitations of Facebook Spaces, or rather its closure to the real world, is removed and the Menlo Park company hopes that the social network for virtual reality can finally take off.

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