Facebook, write kisses and send animated hearts to whoever you want

Facebook has introduced a new feature, just write the word Kisses on your profile to "flood" your wall with lots of little hearts

Facebook is introducing a new feature to animate the walls of its users. It is not yet known if this is a special occasion or a permanent feature. What is certain is that at the moment if we write the word Kisses on our profile the entire page will be flooded with a "shower" of hearts.

It is certainly not the first time that the famous social media makes special animated emoticons. Just recently, to give an example, there was the introduction of the reaction in the shape of a flower, to celebrate Mother's Day. And recently, a special reaction to comments with the colors of the rainbow was also created. In this case, however, Facebook has decided to be more "loving" and will flood our wall with hearts simply if we write the word Kisses.

Facebook invaded by Kisses

At this point the question of the most loyal users of Facebook will be only one: how can we do to have hearts on our wall? Simple, just publish a post on our profile writing the word Baci. In practice, after doing this our wall will be invaded by hearts. And just click again on the word Kisses, which the social will highlight in pink, to be able to reactivate the shower of hearts. If we use the colored backgrounds in the posts, the word will be underlined and always clickable. At the moment, users have welcomed this new feature so well that Facebook has been invaded by little hearts in the last few hours. Apparently the feature is not related to a recurrence on the kiss but it may be that the social will soon explain the reason for the choice.