Facebook: Zuckerberg Introduces “Quality News” Section

Mark Zuckerberg reveals he's working on a new section designed to host only relevant, quality news. Here are the news

Whether it's a response to the passing of the new European copyright law or, perhaps, to Apple News+ we'll probably never know. Or, more realistically, it's a combination of factors, including an attempt to "reposition" the product and deal a new blow, hopefully a decisive one this time, to fake news.

During a conversation with Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer (the largest publishing company in Europe), Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook developers are working on a new "Quality News" section. In this new section, explains the creator of the social platform par excellence, there will be news of the major publishers and publishing companies, so that they can be recognized and distinguished from those made by news portals of poor quality. In short, a sort of "stamp of approval" to encourage publishers to publish news exclusively (or almost exclusively) on Facebook.

How does the "Quality News" section of Facebook work

Although the chat between Zuckerberg and Döpfner was quite long (the video published by the same Facebook dad on his profile lasts about an hour), not many details have been revealed about the functionality of the section for quality news. The details that have emerged so far concern the direct relationship that should be established between the platform and the publisher or newspaper and the remuneration.

Those who decide to publish news in the new section will in fact be paid by Facebook. At the moment, it is not known how the fees will be calculated for publishers: there are those who favor the hypothesis that they will be paid according to the visits recorded by their content; others, however, think that publishers will earn directly from advertising included in the various articles.