Fake product feedback on Amazon? Fakespot tells you the truth

It's a completely free Internet site that analyzes ratings to products on the famous e-commerce to tell you if they're real or not. There's also a Chrome extension

There's one thing on the net that we sometimes rely on too much: feedback from other users. Hands up who, when choosing a restaurant or a hotel, has not been influenced at least once by comments on apps like TripAdvisor and Booking.com. But be careful what you read, not everything is true.

Everyone has happened to look for something on Amazon. A smartphone, a pair of headphones, a juicer with a space-age design. On the e-commerce site, created precisely to exploit the so-called long tail, you can in fact find anything and everything. In addition to the characteristics and the price of the object that we intend to buy, the stars also have a great weight. That is the opinion left by other users who have bought the same product. One star: change option. Five stars: pull out the credit card. However, feedback is not always a valid metric. Several researches have shown that many are fake and created ad hoc by companies or individuals.

What isĀ Fakespot

Unfortunately, there are services like Fakespot. A free site that analyzes reviews found within Amazon. Fakespot can guess whether the feedback is truthful or not. All you have to do is just copy and paste the product page into Fakespot, and then hit analyze. There is also an extension for Chrome that makes the analysis even easier. Just click on the Fakespot icon in the toolbar and you'll get a full report of the feedback on the product you're interested in.

How it works

Fakespot analyzes as untrue the comments of those users who write several positive reviews on the products of the same company, with comments that are always the same. Or those comments of users who have not actually bought the product. Even Fakespot however is a service to be taken with pliers, there is no lack of really quality products, on Amazon, that the site evaluates with a very high percentage of fake comments. In general, based on the use, it is perhaps more recommended for those products that you do not know really well and for those with few evaluations and all positive.