Fake Spotify emails, the phishing attack that steals your data

A new phishing campaign is hitting users subscribed to the famous Spotify streaming music app, here's how to defend yourself from hackers

New cybersecurity danger for Italian internauts. The cyber scam organized by an unknown group of hackers is reaping several victims thanks to a phishing campaign targeting Spotify users.

According to various testimonies coming from social networks and forums, in fact, the cyber criminals' goal is to steal the personal information of those who have already subscribed to the music streaming platform or, in any case, have used it in the past. In the new scam involving Spotify, users are contacted via email by what looks like the Swedish company's customer service department. In the message, they are asked to update their personal information and profile login credentials for security reasons. Unfortunately, it's the exact opposite: clicking on the link in the message will redirect us to a portal identical (or, at least, very similar) to Spotify, with some fields to fill in.

How to defend yourself against Spotify scam

The precautions to take in order to defend yourself against this new Spotify scam with Spotify on the victim's side are the same that we normally have to implement in classic hacker phishing campaigns. First of all, therefore, remember that any operation of our account should be done on the personal area of the site of a service to which we are subscribed and not by clicking on a link on emails or messages of various kinds. In second place we always watch well the URL of the site on which we are redirected. Sometimes the graphical interface is really similar to the original, but the URL makes us understand immediately that it is a fake portal created ad hoc by hackers to deceive us. Finally, let's remember to always pay great attention to the mail messages we receive. Let's read carefully the text and understand if it's a scam or not before entering our data and trust it lightly.