Fall Guys, ready for the arrival of Season 2: previews

The second season of Fall Guys could be presented soon: many small changes starting from new mini games and personal statistics

An unexpected success that in a short time has made Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout the game of the moment. On Twitch, it's one of the titles that garners the most viewers and is continuing to grow despite titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone bringing big news in recent weeks. The reason for this success is unknown: the game is based on a rather simple architecture, but the fact of being so easy to learn, but not to play, has heavily influenced it.

Now Mediatronic, the software house that developed it, is called to a big job: to keep the attention on the video game, even after this period of euphoria. And to do so, it is working hard to launch Season 2 as soon as possible, with a new Battle Pass that will offer not only skins, but will also introduce new game maps and other elements requested by the community.

The game, in fact, despite its great success, is incomplete in many respects. The player can't control his statistics and the menu interface is still quite poor. With Season 2 all these small problems should be fixed.

Fall Guys 2: Previews of Season 2

Fall Guys' success is also evidenced by the fact that the game will be one of the protagonists of the main event that will open Gamescom 2020, the trade show dedicated to video games that this year will be held only online. During the opening event that will take place on August 27th at 8pm, Fall Guys will also take the virtual stage and all the news of Season 2 will be revealed, including the day it will be released.

What should we expect from Fall Guys Season 2? In the last few weeks many dataminers have been analyzing the game files and have discovered the presence of new maps that will enrich the video game. One of the most frequent advices coming from players is to increase the available mini-games and the need to introduce new ones in order not to make the game fall into oblivion soon. And Mediatronic seems to have been convinced to do it: with the beginning of Season 2, three new mini-games should be available, with the addition of new skins to customize your character.

The developers could also put their hand to the user interface, changing a little bit the face of the menu and adding especially the personal statistics. The developers could also change the face of the menu and add personal stats. Gamers are vain and showing off their stats, especially on Twitch, brings fame and views.