Fallout 76, servers crash for three nuclear bombs

The explosion of three atomic bombs at the same time has sent Bethesda's servers for Fallout 76 into a tailspin, disconnecting all gamers from the games in progress

After a few days after its launch, begin the first problems for the video game survival Fallout 76, the simultaneous release of three atomic bombs within the online game has caused a crash in the servers of the title, making it unusable for some time.

To realize the release of three atomic bombs at the same time was the same team of gamers who first a few days ago was able to identify the launch codes for a nuclear missile in the first day of release, the title signed by Bethesda developers. Online you can find the video of the team planning the explosion of three atomic bombs at the same time in West Virginia, where the post-apocalyptic videogame Fallout 76 is set. Explosion that then crashed the servers of the videogame. If you are curious, the entire event was recorded and then published on the YouTube channel of Nickaroo93. 

Fallout 76: what happened

From the video posted on YouTube you can understand what happened. The video game managed not to crash during the explosion and the sequence of the three atomic bombs is clearly visible in the video. A few seconds after the explosion, however, the title started to slow down noticeably, to decrease in quality and then suddenly froze. All users of the game, and not only those of the team Nickaroo93 who have designed the explosion, were returned to the home page of Fallout 76 with the warning of interruption of connection. In reality the servers have crashed and for a while the Bethesda video game has been unusable by gamers.

In addition to the inconvenience to the games in progress the event and the consequent block have shown the inefficiency of Fallout 76 servers in holding the missions more "violent" and with greater possibility of explosions of atomic bombs. An aspect that at home Bethesda have immediately taken into account to take action to improve the power of their servers to avoid similar events and improve the playability of the newly released Fallout 76.