Famil.care, the Italian system for remote care of the elderly

Startup EasyLife has created famil.care a platform designed for parents, to be able to monitor the elderly and children thanks to the smartphone

Smartphones can revolutionize the concept of family care, to young and old. A sensitive issue that comes from the development of a platform all Made in Italy as Famil.care. It is the use of simple and practical daily procedures reworked for social purposes.

Famil.care is the app designed for people who have to take care of children and elderly people, such as grandparents or uncles, or simple family friends. The platform was conceived by EasyLife, a startup based in London but founded by two Italians: Luca Concone and Luca La Ferla. "The idea," says Concone, "goes back two years. I live in London and my family is between Milan and France. I realized that there was nothing on the market to help me follow my loved ones. The real work started 15 months ago and we now have 14 employees and collaborators, with offices in Italy, the UK, Germany and France. The idea is to set foot in the U.S. as well."

How famil.care works

Famil.care is a platform that combines the needs and requirements of three different generations. Young people, parents caring for both children and grandparents, and seniors themselves. It is a monthly fee app that allows these three categories of people to stay in touch, each in a different way. In Italy, according to research conducted by EasyLife, there are about five million elderly people who live alone. To help these people, who are often not familiar with cell phones, the senior version of the Famil.care platform has been created. It is an app that automatically launches on the phone without having to be manually activated. The platform indicates the contacts of the senior with an image of the face of the person next to them. So that it is easier to identify the contact to call. In addition, caregivers will be able to insert alarm clocks with audio notes, to remind them of a doctor's appointment or medicine to take. If the elderly person does not click on the ok to turn off the alarm, the caregiver will be notified by SMS. Plus with GPS you can monitor the elderly person's movements. There is also a life-saving button that the elderly person can use in case of emergencies, illness or falls.

How to download the app

Downloading and installing the app is very easy, just go to the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the installation procedures. In addition, for the elderly there is a life-saving kit, included in the price, equipped with an accelerometer that in case of a fall automatically warns the person taking care of the elderly. The functions for kids are various. There are location-tracking messages to let you know when the kid has arrived at school or the gym. There are specific apps to monitor speed on the scooter and also monitoring time spent on social and video games on the smartphone. Again, there is no shortage of SOS Buttons for all sorts of emergencies.