Fantasy soccer, now Google Assistant helps you

Action dedicated to fantasy soccer has arrived on Google Assistant that guides you to the perfect auction: here's how to use it

Doubts about the 2019 fantasy soccer auction? No problem, this year Google will be there to help you. Or rather say Google Assistant, the voice assistant from Big G. With a post on its official blog, the Mountain View company has made official the partnership with, the official website of the game that fascinates millions of players. From today, the Action of is available on the voice assistant: just say the words "Ok Google, talk to Fantacalcio" to activate the bot.

What can the Action dedicated to do? Help players during the auction, or to deploy the best possible lineup on a particularly difficult day. Interacting with Google Assistant you can find out the statistics of a player (even those of last year), the quotation and know the most particular rules of fantasy soccer, such as the modifier of the defense. And if you don't know what to call your team, just ask the voice assistant: it will suggest you a very special name.

How the Fantasy Football Action works on Google Assistant

With the closing of the soccer market, many fans are preparing for the auction of fantasy soccer, "the most beautiful game in the World after soccer". As many of you know, the auction is the most important moment, the one that decides who will win at the end of the year the fantasy soccer. Making a perfect auction is a real art, but if you are a beginner, don't be scared, Google Assistant will help you. You can ask the voice assistant for advice and suggestions on which player to buy, or get to know the statistics of some players.

The Action developed in collaboration between and Google also guides you in the creation of your league and in setting all the options, such as the modifier of the defense.

How to activate the Action dedicated to Fantacalcio

Usersersers do not have to do anything: on Android smartphones and Google Home devices is already present by default, just say "Ok Google, talk to Fantacalcio". Within seconds, the bot will be activated and you can start interacting and asking for fantasy soccer tips. iOS users can download the Google Assistant for free from the App Store.

Fanta Football: the guide to the perfect auction

Those who are not satisfied with the advice of the Google Assistant can download the app Fanta Football ®: the guide to the perfect auction, which will help you in the creation of your ideal team. The app is updated in real time with all the latest purchases of Serie A teams and with the price decided by the experts of For each player there are insights and statistics that allow you to understand if he is a possible crack for Fantacalcio 2019.