Farewell to the Galaxy Note series: Samsung has decided

There would be nothing more to do for Samsung's Galaxy Note series. The decision seems to have already been made, the future is foldable

If it's not goodbye, it's not much: the Samsung Galaxy Note series has never risked disappearing as now, in the same year in which, ironically, it turns ten years old. In fact, the company seems to have already decreed the stop to new models since the signals that arrive are not at all comforting, but until the decision is not official should be maintained the benefit of the doubt.

Already since the beginning of the year have become increasingly insistent rumors about the non-debut of a Galaxy Note 21. The first rumor to report a hypothesis of this type had annoyed fans of the first hour, who did not want to believe the fact that Samsung, for the first time in ten years, could really jump a generation of Galaxy Note. "Impossible," many thought. Then, with the passage of weeks and the thickening of rumors that all aimed in the same direction, the hypothesis of a break in the series began to make its way even among the die-hards, until it came the seal of the company with the first official confirmation to confirm the stop to focus on the Galaxy Z series, the foldable.

Galaxy Note is no longer a registered trademark

Samsung in fact preferred this year to expand the range of products capable of supporting the most iconic component of the Galaxy Note series, namely the S Pen: for the first time there is now compatibility with a Galaxy S and also with the foldable Galaxy Z Fold3. And if the operation that brought the S Pen on Galaxy S21 Ultra didn't go very well because of the lower than expected sales of the top of the range, the same can't be said for Galaxy Z Fold3 that has recorded a sales record.

And who knows if it wasn't the results above expectations for the last foldable to make Samsung think about the final stop to the Galaxy Note series, which is one step away from materializing. Well-informed people have recently got their hands on the trademarks filed by Samsung with the bodies that are in charge of protecting them; in the list there are all: Galaxy A, Galaxy M, Galaxy S and Galaxy Z, except... Galaxy Note.

In other words, the Galaxy Note brand would no longer be among those that the company registers to boast the rights on the trademark. At the expiration of the property rights, Samsung would not have renewed them, and if so, there would be little to discuss, with the Galaxy Note 20 that would go down in history as the last smartphones in the Note series to have been produced.

Galaxy Z Fold evolution of Galaxy Note

To confirm these rumors there are several aspects, including the increasing attention that Samsung is pouring on the Galaxy Z line smartphones, which according to the company represent the future.

And the Galaxy Z Fold, come to think of it, has the ideal characteristics to be the ideal evolutionary step of a smartphone with a stylus: it has a huge display - which facilitates handwriting but above all the creation of sketches and drawings - that when not needed can be closed to reduce the overall dimensions. Not to mention that the latest generation also costs less than in the past.