Farewell to the iPhone XI 2019: how Apple’s plans change

The house of Cupertino would like to change the name of its flagship devices. A well-known leaker thus advances three different hypotheses on how they will call the iPhone 19

The news may surprise most, but on closer inspection would not be so revolutionary. On the contrary, to study the history of names given to the iPhone is possible to glimpse a kind of continuity. Think, for example, when we went from the iPhone 7 directly to the iPhone 8, skipping the "S generation". Adding, a few minutes later, the iPhone X (read ten, ten in Italian, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the smartphone of the bitten apple).

A pattern that could repeat itself this year. According to the latest rumors circulating on the Net, the Cupertino company would have decided to change the name of its line of smartphones, interrupting "the count" and relying on a name that could continue to use in the coming years, without being forced to add new suffixes. The revelation is from the well-known leaker "CoinX", which last year had anticipated the name "iPhone XS/iPhone XR" and predicted the launch of the 10.5-inch iPad Air months in advance of the official presentation.

In short, a pretty reliable source, who has provided three different schemes that Apple could adopt to give an alternative name to what we have so far called iPhone XI, iPhone XS 2019 or any other "themed" combination.

iPhone name changes, scheme 1

The first scheme suggested by CoinX is pretty straightforward. The heirs to the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max should be called iPhone Pro (5.8 inches) and iPhone Pro (6.5 inches); the iPhone Xr 2, on the other hand, should take on the name of iPhone (2019). According to the source who would have passed the information to the anonymous leaker, this would be the preferred scheme from the parts of Cupertino, since it would trace the one already used for the iPad line.

iPhone name change, pattern 2

A second hypothesis advanced would have the two phones called iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max, while the heir to the iPhone Xr should be called iPhone (2019).

iPhone name change, pattern 3

The last option, CoinX claims, is the most "classic" one. Apple would resume the old numbering, but it wouldn't restart from 9. Rather, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R would come to market in 2019. In short, after the ten would arrive the eleven (11 in English), but without those Roman numerals that have created so much confusion both in North America and in European countries. How many of you, in fact, have called the last two models of Apple phones & ten and ten S (their real names) and how many, however, have "apostrophe" with an incorrect & iPhone ics and iPhone ics s?