Farewell to Twitch Prime, comes the new Amazon service: what changes

The Twitch Prime service changes its name and becomes Amazon Prime Gaming, to make it clearer with users and its other offers

Revolution in the Amazon house: the service Twitch Prime changes its name and becomes Amazon Prime Gaming. Amazon's choice was dictated by the fact that it wanted to align the name of the service with the others offered, such as Prime Video or Prime Music.

The Twitch video streaming service, which specializes in video games, was purchased by Amazon in 2014 for $1 billion and has grown a lot in recent months, thanks in part to the quarantine period. Twitch Prime is the subscription service of the platform (free for all users enrolled in Amazon Prime), which allows you to redeem some games for free and have a free subscription for a month to a Twitch channel. The new name of Amazon Prime Gaming was announced by the same Seattle-based company through an email to the various partners. A rebranding that doesn't surprise users too much, since Amazon had called Prime Music its music streaming service, and Prime Video the one to watch movies and TV series online.

Twitch Becomes Prime Gaming, What's Changing

In the email sent to Twitch Prime partners, it says that the service will be renamed to Prime Gaming with the goal of helping people more easily discover all the gaming benefits that are offered in subscriptions, including content related to the world's most popular games and free monthly subscriptions. This implies helping Twitch users to get known more easily, as well as having access to future promotions as a direct effect of the rebranding operated by Amazon.

For users subscribed to Twitch Prime, absolutely nothing will change: they will have the same services as always.

Twitch Prime, what it is and how it works

Twitch Prime is Twitch's subscription service that allows users to get additional services. To subscribe you have to pay a monthly fee, but for Amazon Prime subscribers it's free, just link your profile to Twitch Prime's. By signing up for the paid service you will be able to get a number of rewards and most importantly a free subscription to a Twitch channel.