Farewell to Wind and Tre, here’s the new operator: what’s new for users

Wind and Tre will soon become a single brand: the chosen name should be WTre. Here's everything you need to know

The work for the launch of the single brand between Wind-Tre is proceeding at a fast pace. There should be a few days left (according to the latest rumors, the presentation should be set for March 6, 2020) to the debut of the new Italian operator that will unite under a single brand the customers of Wind and Tre. The name chosen for the new company should be WTre, but there is still no officiality (there are several names in the ballpark).

Wind-Tre will form one of the largest operators in terms of the number of customers and with a network that covers the Italian territory extensively. For users there should also be good news regarding connection speed. And in the coming months there will be news also regarding 5G. La domanda che circola in questi giorni tra i clienti di Wind e Tre è cosa cambia per loro. La verità è che di cambiamenti non ce ne saranno poi molti. Anzi, l’unificazione dei due brand potrebbe portare a dei miglioramenti nella qualità del segnale e del servizio.

Wind e Tre, bloccato l’acquisto delle SIM sul sito internet

Un altro indizio dell’imminente lancio del nuovo brand arriva anche dai siti internet di Wind e Tre. Se si prova ad acquistare online un’offerta con solo scheda SIM (senza l’aggiunta dello smartphone) riceve come risposta questo messaggio “Prodotto non disponibile.
Siamo spiacenti, il prodotto selezionato non è disponibile." The message has popped up in the last few hours, a sign that work has begun to channel interest in the new brand that will be launched in the coming days/weeks.

All other services are still active, from customer care to online recharge.

Wind-Tre merger, what changes for users

What should Wind and Tre customers expect with the unification under the WTre brand? Theoretically, there shouldn't be any major changes: the prices of the offers will remain the same, while the signal and network quality should improve.

The most interesting news, however, will be for new customers of the WTre brand, that is, for those who will decide to switch with the new operator. Most likely for the launch of WTre there will be promo offers with unlimited minutes, SMS and 50-60 gigs at a very advantageous price.

VeryMobile, the new low-cost operator

In addition to the probable launch of WTre, there will also be the debut of a new virtual phone operator. As already done by Tim with Kena and by Vodafone with ho.mobile, WTte should launch VeryMobile, an operator that should challenge especially Iliad. VeryMobile should be offered with advantageous prices, but with fewer services than WTre. We will see how the situation will evolve in the coming weeks.