Fastweb Mobile, goodbye to Tim network: what changes for users

Fastweb Mobile changes network and from March 5 leans on Wind-Tre. Here's what changes for users

Big changes are underway for Fastweb Mobile users who, however, will not notice them at all. Since less than 24 hours, in fact, Fastweb Mobile users no longer use Tim's phone network but that of Wind Tre, as provided for by the now well-known agreement between the two operators announced on June 25, 2019.

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The "transfer" of users has already begun on February 28, the date on which some Fastweb Mobile SIMs began to hook in roaming to the Wind Tre network. Gradually, over the next few weeks, all users will be moved from the Tim network to the Wind Tre network and, within a few weeks, the procedure will be completed. Fastweb Mobile users, at the end of 2019, were about 1.8 million with a growth of 26% compared to 2018. Soon, all these users will also be able to access services in 5G, on Wind Tre's fifth-generation network. Also in the same period, based on the agreement between the two companies, Wind Tre users will be able to subscribe to fixed+mobile offers and take advantage of Fastweb's fixed network.

Fastweb Mobile on Wind Tre network: what changes for users

The change of network is completely transparent from the contractual and tariff point of view: Fastweb Mobile users will continue to use the network in the same way and with the same offers previously subscribed. From the point of view of coverage, however, in theory there could be some differences but, in practice, the Wind Tre network is now as widespread as that of Tim. Remember that Fastweb Mobile is a completely virtual operator (MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and that, therefore, has always relied on the network of another company to offer its services to users.

Fastweb Mobile: 5G with Wind Tre

During this year, moreover, the collaboration between Wind Tre and Fastweb on the 5G network will become concrete. A collaboration in which Wind Tre puts us the repeaters and Fastweb the fiber optic backbones. This 5G network, according to the plans, should cover 90% of the Italian population by 2026. The agreement between Fastweb and Wind Tre has been criticized and opposed by Iliad that, considering it detrimental to competition in the free market, has appealed to the TAR of Lazio against AGCOM and the Ministry of Economic Development to block it. The TAR will rule on the matter on October 7, 2020.