Father’s Day: 6 apps to better experience the father-child relationship

March 19, St. Joseph's Day, is Father's Day. Here are a few suggestions to try something new thanks to technology

The hectic life we lead often leads us to have little time to devote to the family as we would like. Why not take advantage of Father's Day to spend some time together? Here are a few applications that could turn this day into an event to remember forever.

The important thing is to be together and March 19 could be an opportunity to organize something special between father and son, thanks to the hand of technology. We have, therefore, selected some applications - all different - to strengthen this important bond. There are little programs to organize some activities to do together such as, for example, discovering the beauty of your city - or some other place near or far - that you've always wanted to visit, or to organize a fishing trip or a nice bike tour. It could also be the day to usher in a new form of "grown-up" pocket money for older children or start, for younger ones, pampering them with fairy tales every different night to show them that they are important to you.


The famous weekly or monthly allowance is evolving and going digital. Parents can create an account - called Soldo - with prepaid MasterCard cards in a snap and up to four children ages 8 and up. Soldo - available for iOS and Android - allows parents to check their children's spending in real time through notifications, have a look at the updated balance at any time, and of course recharge them instantly and without commissions. Other features include the ability to set a budget and monthly, weekly and daily spending limits for each child, enable foreign use and ATM withdrawals. The Soldo MasterCard is contactless, which means that purchases of up to €25 can be made without the need to enter the PIN. If the children are abroad, the application, installed on their devices, allows them to request a money transfer with a simple message.


What about a nice trip, maybe even just out of town since it's Sunday, to celebrate Father's Day spend some time together? Musement - available for iOS and Android - is just what you need, helping you discover and book the best activities and experiences in over 450 destinations around the world, including many Italian cities: it's your pocket-sized travel guide. Choose what adventure you want to experience and, thanks to the advice the app has collected from people living in those cities, you're sure to find - you and your kids - the experience that best suits your tastes and the weather. You can decide to visit that museum you've been talking about for a long time, take a bike ride to admire the architectural beauties of your city, or of over 450 locations around the world: the only limit is your imagination, but the important thing is that you spend time together and turn this day into something unforgettable.


Do you like to ride a bike together? Father's Day falls on a Sunday this year, why not take advantage of it. ICicloturismo - linked to the portal www.cicloturismo.it - is a reliable source to view the routes created and tested by the users of the community with all the necessary information such as, for example, the degree of difficulty, the kilometers to be covered, the type of road surface with a Google map, to download through the application. If you want to go big, and spend a few extra days with your child or children, there is also a list of Bike Hotels that offer services for lovers of two wheels, as well as a travel diary. In short, everything you need to "pedal informed" in the saddle of your bike. ICicloturismo is available for iOS and Android.

Fishing Around

Fishing is a sport that you may or may not like, but it offers an advantage: being together while waiting for some fish to bite. Time that father and son can use to chat and get to know each other better. Fishing Around - available for iOS and Android - offers all the information you need to find - at a stroke - the fishing reserves and stores where to buy - in case it's your first experience - all the necessary equipment. There are, of course, other features such as, for example, maps that take you to the reserves and the nearest stores, know the cost of the permit and information on where to find it, the days of closure and opening, and if you decide that this is an experience you want to live together, even find places to sleep and eat.

Ti racconto una fiaba

Here's an application perfect for those who have small children. What could be better than telling a new fairy tale every day? This application - linked to the portal "Ti racconto una fiaba" (www.tiraccontounafiaba.it) - offers you more than 2,500 fairy tales, from the classic ones to those written by the authors of the site, which increase every day, from video-fables to audio-fables: you'll be spoiled for choice. There are fairy tales and fables that help you grow, that always teach something new, that make you have fun or maybe even reflect. Technology also helps parents, who are increasingly busy, to find an "ancient" way, but still current, to cuddle their children to help them fall asleep serene with you by their side. This app is also available for iOS and Android.


The separation or divorce of parents is always a trauma for children. 2houses - - available for iOS and Android - offers a number of features to help moms and dads communicate and better manage the situation for the sake of their children. The app allows you to organize and stay on top of custody times and schedules and quickly manage change requests easily and stress-free. 2houses also lets you take care of shared expenses and view the budget to ensure balanced and fair accounts. There's even a family social network of sorts where you can share all of your kids' information, news, photos, videos, and funny quotes. As well as information about school activities and any after-school activities.