Fazland grows again: collected 4.5 million euros of funding

Mediaset and investor RedSeed Ventures finance with 4.5 million euros the Italian startup born in Reggio Emilia. They will be used for new services

We are not yet at Silicon Valley levels, but the Italian hi-tech sector is growing, as shown by the many startups that have sprung up in a few years. And some of them have also achieved excellent results. As in the case of the platform Fazland.

Fazland, as we read on the official web site of the Italian company, "helps to find the professional who is right for you". A sort of intermediary, in short, between professionals and customers. The platform, also available as an app for both Android and Apple, allows, in fact, to connect the world of work directly with users. The operation is simple and intuitive: you search for the type of professional you need, - painter, lawyer, beautician, chef - you enter the city and wait for a free quote from one of the companies registered on the platform.

More than 1000 requests per day

Fazland is divided into four macro areas: Home Services, Business Services, Personal Services and Event Services. Once a quote is received, users will also be able to choose based on the score a company has previously obtained. According to the data communicated by the company, the platform has been a significant success. We're talking about 1,000 requests per day.

4.5 million in funding to grow even more

Success that has led the Italian startup to get quite a bit of funding: 4.5 million euros, to be precise. To believe in the small hi-tech company born in Reggio Emilia the Italian television giant Mediaset and RedSeed Ventures, a company that includes a number of private investors. The startup created by four Italian guys will use the funding to add new services and make Fazland grow even more.