Fender Play, the app that teaches you how to play the guitar

The app, available for iPhone and on a web platform, uses sensors to teach users how to play the electric or acoustic guitar

Everyone would love to play the guitar. Unfortunately, courses to learn how to use it cost money and becoming self-taught is not as easy as YouTube videos would have us believe. From today, however, thanks to an app, called Fender Play, learning to play the guitar will be within everyone's reach.

How can you learn to play the guitar with a simple app? Simple, first of all once you download it we'll have to register a user account. In this section we'll set time goals to achieve and we'll also be able to keep track of various progress. In order to teach people how to play, the app uses trackers that keep track of the movements that need to be done to make a particular riff.  Fender Play works with both electric and acoustic guitars. And there's virtually no limit to the genres of music you can play with this particular app.

How it works

There are basic lessons on songs by famous bands like the Foo Fighters and Carrie Underwood. Within the app you can see the artists featured and create bookmarks to quickly find your favorite songs. The app requires a data or Wi-Fi connection to work. At the moment Fender Play is only available for iPhone, but it can also be used through the web platform at play.fender.com. In order to use this method of learning, you have to subscribe to the service, which currently costs about 20 euros per month.