Fifa 19, 5vs5 mode coming soon?

Street soccer comes to Fifa 19: some images posted on Twitter show a 5vs5 match played with smaller goals in a neighborhood field

Awaiting on the shelves on September 28, Fifa 19 is one of the most anticipated video games of the year. For several years now, it has been the best football simulation video game for many players: exceptional graphics, movements of the players similar to the real ones and a practically infinite number of teams. In addition, every year Electronic Arts adds some new game modes: the novelty of the last two editions is "The Journey", an adventure where the user impersonates Alex Hunter, a young rising star who has to make his way in the complicated world of soccer.

Fifa 19 was officially presented during E3 2018 in Los Angeles, but new features were not announced. There was only talk about the new tournaments available (Champions League and Europa League), thanks to the partnership signed by Electronic Arts with Uefa and Cristiano Ronaldo, testimonial of the Fifa 19 cover (which the U.S. company will have to redo, after the passage of the Portuguese footballer to Juventus). The news, however, will not lack in the new Fifa 19.

Some tweets published in recent days have shown a new game mode that could be present on Fifa 19 and that will make happy millions of players. In fact, from the images posted on Twitter it seems that Fifa 19 will feature 5vs5 matches in Survival mode: when a team scores, one of its players leaves the field and the winner is whoever manages to eliminate all their players.

Fifa 19: how the new mode will work 5vs5

For the moment Electronic Arts has neither confirmed nor denied the presence of Survival mode in Fifa 19. But on social networks users seem to already appreciate the new game mode that Electronic Arts has taken from Fifa Street, video game very popular in the early 2000s and that brought on consoles the street soccer. In recent years over and over again players had asked the U.S. publisher to make a new version of Fifa Street and now seems to have pleased them by adding the mode 5vs5 in Fifa 19.

From the few images posted on Twitter, we guess that the 5vs5 matches will see a goalkeeper, a defender and three players on the field of movement. As mentioned, the matches will be in Survival mode: every time you score, the gamer will lose one of his players.

When Fifa 19 comes out

Fifa 19 will be available from September 28, 2018 for PlayStation. Xbox, Nientendo Switch and Windows computers.