FIFA 19 doesn’t go today, what’s going on

Since about 19 Fifa 19 online is not working due to a prolonged malfunction that has affected the Electronic Arts servers

No, don't worry: you're not the only one who can't play Fifa 19 in multiplayer. For a few tens of minutes, in fact, the servers of the game developed by Electronic Arts are unreachable and, therefore, no one else can access. The malfunction, in fact, does not concern asolamente our country: the reports, literally thousands, are coming from all over the world, a sign that Fifa 19 down concerns a bit 'all, regardless of the country or the platform used to play.

A problem that had already occurred a few days ago, when the Electronic Arts servers had gone offline and no player around the world could no longer play.

A problem that had already occurred a few days ago, when the Electronic Arts servers went offline and no players around the world were able to play the game. In that case, the problem was solved in a few hours, without causing any damage to the gamers' accounts. Once the servers are back online, simply connect to your private area to find all the saves of the game.

Why FIFA 19 does not work, what we know so far

As already mentioned, Fifa 19 is down because of malfunctions that are affecting these minutes the servers of Electronic Arts, the U.S. developer that for a couple of decades makes the most famous football simulator and played in the world. Even in this case, EA has not yet released any statement on why Fifa 19 does not work, but it is possible to imagine that there has been some system bug or, perhaps, an overload due to too many users connected at the same time.

Beyond the problem, however, you do not have to worry: as mentioned, the saves and progress that you have made are safe and you can recover them once the servers are again reachable. All you can do is wait for the technicians of the American software house to fix the fault so you can get back to challenging your friends.