FIFA 19, find Ronaldo or Messi in the FUT cards almost impossible

EA Sports has released information regarding the chances of finding Cristiano Ronaldo Messi in the FUT cards, the percentages are less than 1%

FIFA 19 has been on sale for a few days but the FUT mode (acronym of FIFA Ultimate Team) is already depopulating among the various fans of the video game. The creation of the perfect team for online challenges has already started, but what are the chances of finding Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi in the FUT cards?

This year EA Sports has decided to add a new feature to its FUT cards. Basically on FIFA 19 we already know the probability of exit of every single card related to a single player. In addition, EA Sports has also declared what are the so-called cards Ones to Watch, namely the cards dedicated to young players who can grow exponentially and learn special skills during the game if we level up playing the various games online. These cards are highly sought after because they allow users to have in the squad of rare players who can make a difference in multiplayer challenges.

FIFA 19, here is the probability of finding the special cards of FUT

Unfortunately for the great fans of FIFA Ultimate Team  the possibility of finding the cards related to Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi or the aforementioned Ones to Watch is very rare. As a percentage there is less than 1% chance of opening a FUT card pack and finding CR7, Leo or one of the other players that grow as we level up. The probability is so remote that EA Sports has not even given an exact figure but has limited itself to giving a generic less than 1%. In practice, finding the strongest cards will be almost impossible. The choice of Electronic Arts is quite clear: push gamers to spend real money to buy FUT credits to buy the most interesting players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi. This choice, however, has generated a lot of controversy in the forums and various online sites dedicated to the game. Users are particularly complaining because one of the most popular modes of FIFA over the years is becoming too complicated to deal with without spending money.