Fifa 19 is down, what’s happening

Since 8:00 am on April 22, Fifa 19 is down and not allowing players to access Fifa Ultimate Team and organize online matches. What's happening

It's not a problem with your connection or your PC or console, but the servers that host Fifa 19 are down. Bad awakening for lovers of the most famous soccer game in the world: since this morning at 8:00, Fifa 19 is down and you can not connect to the servers of the game. Fans can not challenge other players online and even complete the challenges of Fifa Ultimate Team.

The reason for the down is very simple: at the moment are out of use the servers of Electronic Arts, the company that develops and produces Fifa 19. In fact, in addition to the soccer game, Apex Legends, Battlefield and Origin are also down, all products made by Electronic Arts. It is certainly not the first time that Fifa 19 goes down for a few hours due to a server failure of the U.S. company, already in previous months had happened the same problem.

Why Fifa 19 doesn't work today

The down of Fifa 19 and Fifa Ultimate Team is linked to the Electronic Arts servers that are currently unreachable and do not allow players to access all services and online games produced by the U.S. company. The first reports have arrived around 8:00 am on April 22 and are growing, as you can see from the site, which collects the complaints of users when a service does not work. Although it is the morning of Easter Monday, Electronic Arts technicians are certainly working to return the situation to normal. The down of Fifa 19 and Fifa Ultimate Team will be resolved in the coming hours. We will keep you updated.