Fifa 19, La Liga licence renewed until 2024

The cost of the operation, according to rumours, would be around 50 million in total (10 for each year)

Great news: the agreement between Fifa 19 and La Liga has been signed, with the licence being renewed for another 5 years. Until 2024, in fact, no one will dissolve the exclusive partnership of the maximum Iberian league with EA Sports. They will be happy Fifa users, because it is one of the most popular competitions throughout the gaming world.

Less happy fans of Pes, excluded in this way from the race to win the rights to the Spanish championship.

There will be, therefore, almost all the stadiums in future editions of the title signed EA Sports, in addition to those already present in Fifa 19 (about twenty). What is missing is the Camp Nou, exclusive to Pes that, thanks to the agreement signed with Barcelona, can use this structure history and a series of content on Catalans. Who knows what will be the fate of the stadium blaugrana on the next editions of Fifa.

Many hypotheses have circulated on the cost of the operation. The most credited ones talk about a total revenue close to 50 million, that is 10 per year, for the agreement between EA Sports and La Liga. Money that will also be used for the Spanish eSports sector, with regard to its virtual league. Its second edition, in fact, will be launched as early as next year and for the seasons that follow.