Fifa 19: on Fut the special content about the Champions League

On Fifa Ultimate Team EA Sports is launching a new event called Towards the Final inspired by the Champions and Europa League, here's how it works and how to win

On Fifa 19 in the Ultimate Team section new events related to the Champions League and Europa League are coming.

The event related to the Champion League is called Towards the Final Ultimate Team, and as you can guess from the name will accompany us until the end of the maximum European competition in our online games in FUT Fifa 19. Of course, there is also the version Towards the Ultimate Team Final of the Europa League. Unlike other FUT events, the event Towards the Final is focused on the success of the team, if the team wins or advances at certain times during the competition, the player gets an improvement regardless of the individual performance of the players. In short, a new way to make the most of the partnership between EA Sports and UEFA, signed between the two parties in early 2018.

FUT's Most Fit Players Towards the Final

At the moment Fifa 19 has already released the list of the most highly rated players in the game based on their current performances in this Champions League. The most fit with 90 are Griezmann and Aguero. With 88 we find Pique, Sanchez and the first player from Serie A: Hamsik of Napoli. At 87 is Perisic of Inter and at 86 Cuadrado of Juventus. The first of the Italians? For now it's Florenzi of Roma with 84.

How does FUT Towards the Final work?

But how does the rise or fall of players from the Champions League or Europa League list work. In the Towards the Final event, the player receives a form upgrade every time his team passes specific stages of the tournament (either Europa League or Champions League). A player can receive a maximum of seven upgrades throughout the season. The improvements are applied even if the player passes one of the stages of the competition without playing, because he is on the bench or injured. If a player transfers in January, he will no longer be upgraded, and the same happens if his team is eliminated, but if a player moves from the Champions League to the Europa League with his team, he will become a dynamic object of the latter competition. The update for each drop or improvement takes a few hours after the end of the real Champions and Europa League matches. These are the stages of the European competitions that entitle a player to an upgrade: advancement to the knockout phase; victory in the first leg of the round of 16; advancement to the quarterfinals; advancement to the semifinals; advancement to the final; victory in the final.