Fifa 19, the FUT Birthday arrives: what’s in store for us?

EA Sports could surprise us with something special given the importance of the anniversary: 10 years!

Happy Birthday FUT! Yes, the Ultimate Team mode of Fifa 19 is 10 years old and EA Sports has decided to celebrate this year with a very special event: the FUT Birthday. It was the developers of the best-selling football title in Italy to launch the news on Twitter, stating that the celebrations will start today.

What should we expect? If we think of the past years, we can assume the introduction of cards in form FUT Birthday, which will replace the normal ones in the packages for a limited time. Not only that. There will probably be themed Pink Creation Challenges and Weekly Goals, but also special offers on the sale of packs.

This is what we assume based on previous years, although it must be said that this time it is an important anniversary, so EA Sports may decide to do something special than in the past.

FUT Birthday starts on Friday! More details tomorrow. #10YearsOfFUT ? ?


Ready to celebrate?