Fifa 19 Ultimate Team: the trick to win in Division Rivals

One of the biggest news in Fifa 19 is the Division Rivals variant within Fifa Ultimate Team, here's how to climb the rankings every week

With Fifa 19 Ultimate Team Ea Sports has introduced the new Division Rivals, the weekly challenges that establish our ranking within the game. Become strong and win in Division Rivals is essential to improve your team on FUT, so here are some tips to get there.

But what are the Division Rivals? Specifically, it is the new ranking system designed by EA Sports for the 2019 version of Fifa Ultimate Team. They are based on a series of challenges per week that determine who goes up and who goes down in the rankings. Whoever wins the most matches, and therefore who climbs the most in the Fifa 19 Ultimate Team ranking gets more rewards than their opponents. These rewards are useful to improve and make our team stronger and stronger in FUT. To understand what class we belong within the Division Rivals will make five initial matches where the algorithm of FIFA 19, based on our results in the meetings, will evaluate our position in the ranking. Made these matches we will be placed in our Division of belonging based on the skills we have shown.

How to win in Division Rivals Fifa 19 Ultimate Team

We talked about the first five test matches that serve to insert us in a Division to us appropriate. If we make mistakes and lose during these first online challenges against our opponents we should not worry too much. Based on each week's results, the divisions are automatically updated by the game. In this way, even if we started badly and then we reach a good number of victories we can climb the ranking of FUT 2019 week by week thanks to the update of the algorithms that establish our position in the ranking and then our Division of belonging. To climb the ranking will count the skill points obtained by playing the Division Rivals in the last seven days. Once a week has passed, the count starts all over again.

But against whom do we play from week to week? We can only challenge players who belong to the same Divisions as us, and therefore have the same skill level in the game as we do, or with gamers from a Division above ours or those from a Division below ours. In this way the balance should be guaranteed and it will not be easier for some to climb the leaderboard than others. Beware though, by default as we level up we should try to win more and more. In the top divisions it is easier to lose points after a defeat than to gain points after a victory. EA Sports has chosen this ploy to make it as complicated as possible for players to reach Division One, the one with the best FUT players in the world.