Fifa 20: 3 million up for grabs for eSports Champions League

Fifa launches the Global Series, the online event with a $3 million prize pool. Here's how it works and who can participate

The unstoppable growth of eSports has led many companies to invest in the sector. Electronic Arts has also done so with one of its flagship series: Fifa. Thanks to the Fifa Ultimate Team mode, each user can build the team of their dreams by purchasing special packages with players inside.

With the release of FIFA 20, Electronic Arts has decided to organize a championship dedicated to its most famous mode. This is certainly not a novelty for the American publisher, which already last year organized a very similar event. The prize pool of the FIFA 20 Global Series is $3 million. It will be a tournament that will keep gamers busy throughout the year and that will eventually reward the strongest. In addition to the Global Series, the eNations League and eChampions League will also be organized.

How to qualify for the Fifa 20 Global Series

The qualifiers will begin in October 2019 with the first FUT Champions competition. To be able to participate in the qualifiers you have to win at least 27 games in the FUT Champions Weekend League, the tournaments that are played every weekend and that "force" players to play 40 games against more or less strong opponents. In this you get the badge FUT Champions Verified. By obtaining this result, the gamer can be invited to participate in the FUT Champions Cup, i.e. the online qualifying tournaments. Currently, the top four finishers in last season's FIFA eWorld Cup for each console are automatically qualified and admitted to the first session of FUT Champions Cup.

FIFA 20 Global Series events

The major tournaments will all take place in 2020, specifically the eClub World Cup will be held in February, while the eNations Cup is scheduled for May. Exclusive to PlayStation 4 will be the eChampions League which is scheduled to take place on May 29, a few days before the "real" Champions League final. Scheduled for March 13, the virtual Champions League qualifiers, while the Licensed Qualifier Event, will also be held in early spring and it too will be played exclusively on the Sony console.

The championship "world" Fifa 20, the eWorld Cup, in which participate the 32 best gamers of the current season divided into 16 players for the PS4 and 16 players for the Xbox One, will be held in July.