Fifa 20, here comes the app to manage FUT from your smartphone

Since September 19, 2019 you can download the Fifa 20 app for free to manage your Fifa Ultimate Team. Here's what it's for

As is now tradition, this year EA Sports has released the companion app for FIFA 20 that allows you to manage your Fifa Ultimate Team team directly from your smartphone. The app is completely free, available for iOS and Android devices, can be downloaded by those who own the game on both PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The app has been available since September 19, a few days before the official release of the game. The Fifa 20 companion app is very useful for controlling your FUT team remotely. You can participate in FUT Drafts, or purchase Fifa Points and packs with players inside. Those who have already played the previous Fifa chapters won't have any kind of problem adapting to the Fifa 20 app, while those who are newbies to the video game will have to wait for the title's official release on September 27. Here's what you can do with the Fifa 20 companion app.

The new FIFA 20 app

The new FIFA 20 app will allow you to continue playing FUT remotely by monitoring and managing your team directly from your smartphone and regardless of the platform used: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PC. You'll be able to constantly follow the market operations, buy special packages as well as FIFA Points, participate in the Creation Squad challenges and much more. Last but not least, using the FIFA 20 companion app for a limited time will entitle you to take part in a series of exclusive competitions with rich daily prizes and extra credits to be used in Ultimate Team mode.

How to download the new FIFA 20 app

Those who have already used the FIFA companion app can only download the update to the new version from September 19. If you've never used the app before, you'll have to wait until you have your own copy of the game. After that, you'll only need to log in with your personal FIFA 20 account on your console or directly on your PC. After creating your FIFA Ultimate Team Club, you'll need to set up a security question/answer, and only then will you be able to download the FIFA 20 app to your smartphone. Once installed, all you have to do is log in with your FIFA 20 account and wait for the security code to be sent to your email address to validate the app.

When Fifa 20 is released

The official release of Fifa 20 is set for September 27. Those who have purchased one of the premium versions will be able to access the video game from September 24.