Fifa 20: how much does it cost to create an unbeatable Ultimate Team

Electronic Arts is ready to limit the purchases of players within the Ultimate Team mode. The goal is to limit spending by gamers

To set up an unbeatable team on FIFA Ultimate Team in the last championship, starting from scratch, it took about 27 thousand dollars. The account did Jamey, the FutEconomist who since mid-June has become Live Content Product Manager at Electronic Arts. With the next FIFA 20, coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 28, will it still be like that?

The question is not unnecessarily polemical, because in recent times Electronic Arts has been accused of excessively monetizing its videogames and FIFA has been defined as a "pay to win" game. To win at the famous soccer video game, therefore, is not enough to be good: you have to spend real money. These criticisms have led the creative director Matt Prior to declare that it is not true that with the FUT mode of FIFA you win only by paying: "There are players who compete at the highest levels even without spending a penny. Similar words came from producer Gareth Reeder.

FIFA FUT: the limits imposed by EA

The problem of pay to win, however, exists and is felt globally. Certainly not only for FIFA, but also for many other games that allow microtransactions within them. With FIFA 19, on the other hand, the same Electronic Arts found itself forced to impose limitations to limit this phenomenon in FIFA Global Series: no more than two iconic players per team, only one player with a score above 95, a maximum of two between 90 and 94 and the rest of the roster below 90.

How much you spend on FIFA FUT

As much as EA may try to reassure everyone by stating that FIFA is not a "pay to win" game, the fact remains that the purchase of players by users is one of the major sources of revenue for the software house. With FIFA 19 to buy the "Team of the Season", which brings together under the same jersey all the best players in the World in the current year, it took 18 million FIFA Coins on PS4, 16 million on Xbox One and 10 million on PC. The official list of FIFA Coins this year will cost as low as €4.99 for 500 points, all the way up to €99.99 for the 12,000-point package.

Fortune spent on FIFA

The issue of microtransactions doesn't just affect the top players participating in online World Cups, but also ordinary kids and children who don't always realize what they're doing. In the past, a 13-year-old spent $4,500 on microtransactions on FIFA 15, a 17-year-old spent $8,000 on FIFA 16, and numerous other such cases have raised more than a few eyebrows.