Fifa 20: How the new Volta game mode works

Fifa 20 reintroduces street soccer as a new game mode. It's called Volta and it allows you to customize your players. Here's how it works

EA Sports unveils the cards and makes millions of players around the world happy: FIFA Street is really coming back, it will be incorporated into FIFA 20 and it will be called Volta Football. The new game mode looks like an evolution of the old 5-a-side soccer game and is packed with options to customize players and game modes.

"EA Sports Volta brings the game back to the streets with the true culture, creativity and style of short-ranged matches," is how FIFA describes the new mode but, to tell the truth, you won't be able to play only in the streets. In fact, Volta will be a real game within a game that will go far beyond the simulation of a football match between friends on the oratory field. This mode will be available in all three editions of the final game: Standard, Champions and Ultimate. In addition to the Volta mode, Electronic Arts has introduced several gameplay improvements thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms.

How FIFA Volta Football works

With Volta Football you'll be able to play in a wide variety of scenarios: from the classic fenced-in field in the street to the underpasses of Amsterdam, passing through the rooftops of Tokyo. The players will be customizable in an extreme way: clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyles can be chosen carefully by the player (who, most likely, will be able to buy the most fashionable clothes). As for the game mode, however, the options are different: 3 against 3 without goalkeeper, 4 against 4 (with and without goalkeeper), 5 against 5 with the official rules of soccer 5. There will be a world tour Volta, the History mode and the online championship with promotions and relegations.

FIFA 20: all the news

The introduction of the street football mode is not the only novelty of FIFA 20: Electronic Arts seems to have done a great technical job to make this chapter of its game dedicated to soccer a milestone in the genre. Massive use of artificial intelligence to make the behavior of players more realistic, both in one-on-one and in the collective maneuvers of the defensive line. Even when they are without the ball, moreover, the players move in a more natural way and much has been done to improve the physics of the ball.

FIFA 20: when it comes out and how much it costs

The scheduled date for the launch of FIFA 20 is September 27, 2019, but it is already possible to pre-order this title at a very discounted price: 49.99 euros on several online stores. Three different editions of the game will be available at launch, with prices and additional packages included gradually increasing: Standard Edition (€69.99), Champions Edition (€89.99) and Ultimate Edition (€99.99).