Fifa 20 release date announced: all the news

Electronic Arts has unveiled Fifa 20 and the new Volta Football mode. Here's what it is and when it will be released on the market

It's official: Fifa Street will be present on Fifa 20, the next version of the soccer video game made by Electronic Arts. The US publisher presented the video game during EA Play, the event organized for E3 2019 in Los Angeles, the most important fair dedicated to the world of gaming. Fifa Street will be present in the form of a game mode and will be called Volta Football: the gamer will be able to organize matches 3 vs 3, 4vs 4 and 5 vs 5, in arenas scattered around the World.

Street soccer will not be the only novelty present in Fifa 20. Electronic Arts has focused a lot on the gameplay, trying to make the ball control and the movement of the players as realistic as possible. The U.S. software house has taken into great consideration the feedback obtained from players in recent years and has developed new systems for dribbling and for the finalization phase. Fifa 20 will hit the market on September 27 for Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC via Origin and there will also be a version for Nintendo Switch. Origin Access Premier subscribers will be able to play Fifa 20 from September 19.

Volta Football, street soccer is back on Fifa 20

Volta Football is the most interesting news of Fifa 20. After the rumors of the previous days, the official confirmation came directly from Electronic Arts: street soccer is back to be the protagonist of Fifa. After the success of Fifa Street, the U.S. software house has decided to include street soccer among the game modes of Fifa 20.

Volta Football fits perfectly within the system of Fifa 20 with different game modes. There will be VOLTA Story that replaces "The Journey" and will be a true Career mode. It will start from the most disastrous fields and win after win you will build your team until you get to the World Championship held in Argentina in Buenos Aires. Kick-Off Volta, on the other hand, is the classic friendly where we can choose the rules of the game (by default are those of futsal) and the number of participants in the game (3 vs 3, 4vs 4 and 5 vs 5). VOLTA World is a kind of world championship where we can create a team formed by the best players in the world, while VOLTA League is an online league in the style of FUT (Fifa Ultimate Challenge) with promotions and relegations.

Fifa 20, what changes in gameplay

The other big news of Fifa 20 is the gameplay. Electronic Arts has focused a lot on certain aspects of the game following the advice received in recent years from players. Among the aspects on which it has worked the most is the ball possession phase, the defense of the penalty area and the physics of the ball. The goal is to improve the movement of the players to make it more similar to that of real soccer.

In-depth work has also been done on the shooting phase: scoring from outside the box with opponents close by will be more difficult, with a higher probability that the shot will be blocked or go out. Finally, the developers have also worked on the dribbling phase, both in offense and defense. Strafe Dribbling takes into account the agility and skills of the player who is attempting the dribble, while Controlled Contrast will reward defenders who are very strong in one-on-one.

When Fifa 20 comes out

Fifa 20 will hit the market on September 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Fifa 20 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch will be released on the same day. Origin Access Premier subscribers will be able to play Fifa 20 starting September 19. Three versions will be available: Standard Edition. Champions Edition and Ultimate Edition that will allow for premium content. Pre-orders are already open.