Fifa 20 still down: problems with Electronic Arts servers

The servers of Electronic Arts, Fifa 20, Apex Legends, Origin are down and you can not access for more than 24 hours. Here's what's happening

For more than 24 hours Electronic Arts servers are down and not allowing users to access. Games like Fifa 20, Apex Legends, Fifa Ultimate Team, Battlefield are down and inaccessible. The first problems were reported by users around 9:00 am on April 14 and seemed to be solved around 12:00. At 13:00 new general down that continued until late at night, when Electronic Arts technicians have reactivated some features of the servers and the various games.

This morning (April 15), however, the problems seem again to have sent KO Electronic Arts servers. There are hundreds of reports from users, as well as comments.

This morning (April), however, the problem seems to have knocked out the Electronic Arts servers again, as well as hundreds of comments. On the EA Help Twitter account, the U.S. company said it had been the victim of a DDoS attack that caused all the problems users had and that it had partially resolved it. This morning, however, a new tweet announced the new inconveniences that millions of users are experiencing.

Why Fifa 20 isn't working: a history of the last 24 hours

The latest tweet published by the EA Help Twitter account, managed directly by the US company, announces that "We're currently looking into the issues affecting our services. If you can't play online, access Origin or EA Help, we're on it." Electronic Arts is looking into the issues affecting the servers and those who can't play online can access Origin and ask for help.

Everything started on the morning of April 14, with the first problems continuing until 12:00. For an hour everything seemed to be back to normal, but at 1pm the Electronic Arts servers went down again. To try to get the situation back to normal, the technicians have also tried to limit some game modes, disabling Fifa Ultimate Team and the Vault mode on Fifa 20.

In the night between April 14 and 15, Electronic Arts announced that it had been the victim of a DDoS attack that knocked out the servers and the entire network infrastructure. It wasn't until 4am this morning that you were able to play Fifa 20 again.

By 9am on April 15, however, users were once again reporting problems with the servers, resulting in Fifa 20 being down again.

Update 12pm. The servers seem to be finally back up and running, though some users are still reporting problems.