Fifa 20: what’s new in the Career Mode

The Canadian developer has announced important news for the career mode. Much more real than in the past, it will put gamers to the test

The fateful date of September 27 is getting closer and closer, when EA Sports will put FIFA 2020 on sale worldwide. In addition to the many new features revealed in recent weeks by various rumours, the Canadian developer's Career Mode has also been added to the list.

EA Sports has taken on board the many suggestions that have come in over the years in order to deliver a never-before-seen gaming experience. The biggest change is in the interaction between managers and players, especially in the conversations with players and the behaviour during pre- and post-match press conferences. These interactions will have a positive or negative impact on team morale, as well as - and this is very important for the game - on your evaluation as a coach.

Press Conferences

The Press Conferences will not be simple stories based on scripts written by scriptwriters, but will play a fundamental role in determining the players' performance. The stories told during the press conferences will be based on player progress and data acquired during game sessions.

The pre and post-game press conferences will take place in new scenarios created specifically for the Coach Career experience and it will be the manager who will manage the questions and answers with journalists depending on the final result, goals scored, opponent, season, level of competition, and much more.

The New Conversations

The new conversations with players are just as complex. The coach will have to juggle the different demands of the players, understand and analyze their thoughts, evaluate their degree of satisfaction through direct actions to influence the morale of the player, but, at the same time, also the judgement of the coach.

The Players Morale System

The players' morale will not only be influenced by the conversations between players and coach or the statements made during press conferences. Morale and performance will also be affected by salary expectations, performance on the pitch and overall team performance.

Coach Customization

EA Sports has also released images of the new manager avatar customization with new features that allow you to create a character that matches the player's style. For the first time, a female avatar can also be created in Career Mode, and the outfit can be varied at any time of the season thanks to a wide range of accessories, clothing and footwear.

Screenshot Live News

With the new Fifa 20 it will be possible to use new screenshots to show the highlights of each match from which the news will be created and used in the dynamics of the story of the game and that will constitute the memorable moments of the user's experience in Career Mode.

Fifa 20: more news

In Fifa 20 the potential of the players of a team will change over time depending on the performance obtained in previous seasons. Many changes have been applied to the competition including the new layout of the Team Management to more easily compare player attributes, the removal of the 5th Round Replay of the FA Cup, the inclusion of a new format and a new schedule for the Spanish Super Cup, improved use of the 4th substitute in recovery time in all competitions that support this new rule of the game and much more.