Fifa 21 arrives on next-gen: here’s when and how much it costs

EA Sports has announced the arrival of Fifa 21 for next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X and S: here's when and how much it costs

Fifa 21 will also arrive for next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. EA Sports has announced that Fifa 21 will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X and S in a few days at a price, however, that will not please everyone. For those who have already purchased the title for PS4 and Xbox One, fortunately, the next-gen version will be available as a free update.

The version of the football simulator for next-gen consoles has been designed to ensure a better gaming experience on all levels related to fidelity, realism of action and details of the players. In addition, new pre-match footage has also been added. The introduction of the GameCam and LiveLight Rendering allows a deferred lighting system, which improves the experience on the field, along with new sounds captured during matches and re-proposed in the videogame. Improvements with extremely reduced loading times thanks also to the power and performance of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

Fifa 21: when it arrives and how much it costs

Fifa 21 has already arrived for PS4 and Xbox One last October 5, introducing important improvements much appreciated by players of the video game. Ora EA Sports ha annunciato che il prossimo 4 dicembre il popolare simulatore calcistico arriverà anche per le console next-gen PS5 e Xbox Series X e S in vendita al prezzo di 69,99 euro e con nuove funzionalità che migliorano l’esperienza di gioco.

Chi ha già acquistato una copia del videogioco per le precedenti console, in attesa di ricevere una Xbox Series X lanciata il 10 novembre e una PS5 messa in vendita il 19 novembre, non dovrà preoccuparsi di spendere altri soldi per la versione next-gen del simulatore calcistico. EA Sports ha infatti spiegato che la versione next-gen del videogame sarà rilasciata come aggiornamento gratuito a questi utenti.

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Fifa 21: what's new in the next-gen version

The next-gen version of Fifa 21 is not just an update for PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X and S, but offers improvements designed to take full advantage of the potential of the new consoles and a new look, to make soccer matches even more immersive and engaging.

For this reason, new pre-match sequences have been introduced, as well as more spectacular fan chants, using sounds recorded directly on the field. It also increases the degree of realism of the images, from the faces of the players to the details of the close-up shots, with skin textures and sweat drops that make the whole game experience more real.

The lighting system of the field of play also changes and a new type of shot called EA Sports GameCam is introduced, which enhances the actions and allows you to follow them better. EA Sports has also paid attention to the "sensory" immersiveness, as well as visual: the version of Fifa 21 for PS5 has focused on the implementation of the DualSense controller to provide users with a greater degree of involvement, transmitting the intensity of impacts through vibrations and the fatigue of the players showing resistance.

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