Film e serie tv sul calcio per prepararsi ad Euro 2020

L’11 giugno iniziano gli Europei 2020. Per prepararsi al meglio, ecco alcuni film e serie tv da guardare in streaming


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L’estate della UEFA Euro 2020 è alle porte: le partite inizieranno l’11 giugno. Saranno trenta giorni di calcio, intenso ed emozionante, per tutti gli amanti del pallone. Occorre farsi trovare preparati per questo mese di calcio europeo tutto da vivere e tifare.

Prima del fischio d’inizio, poltrona, pop-corn e birra per un bel film o una serie tv a tema. Streaming platforms offer a lot of content dedicated to football, from classic films, to biographies of champions, up to documentaries and TV series that tell how this game has evolved, revealing also secrets and curiosities. On Netflix recently came out the film on Roberto Baggio, titled Il Divin Codino, but always in the same channel you can watch The English Game, which instead deals with the victory of Denmark at the European Championship. In short, those who love soccer and want to watch a show in view of the European Championship 2020 will not be disappointed, indeed they will be spoiled for choice. From Netflix to Amazon Prime Video: here are some of the best must-see movies and TV series to watch while waiting for June 11, 2021.

TV series about soccer: The English Game

Let's start with the British mini TV series "The English game". Released in both the UK and Italy in March 2020, it consists of six episodes with an average length of 50 minutes.

The genre is historical sports. It is currently available, for lovers of English soccer and beyond, on the Netflix platform. The English Game tells the story of two teams: the Old Etonias, a team composed of English gentlemen captained by Arthur Kinnaird, who clashes against a team of workers, of a cotton factory, the Darwen FC, whose owner is James Walsh. James Walsh will pay two Scottish footballers, Fergus Suter and Jimmy Love, to reinforce his team for the FA Cup quarter-finals.

Thanks to the genius of Julian Fellowers, the creator of Downton Abbey, we will discover the origins of the game of soccer catapulted into the mid-nineteenth century.

Il Divin Codino, the film about Roberto Baggio

If you're in the mood for a film with a particularly Italian flavor, dedicate an evening to "Il Divin Codino", which tells the story of Roberto Baggio. Everyone remembers that missed penalty kick in the final match against Brazil in the World Cup USA 94.

The director Letizia Lamartire tells the story of the man: more human and less alien than the ball. Thus, she directs a film about a more introspective and emotional soccer. It tells about that boy who, as a young promise of Italian soccer, finds himself on a penalty spot in one of the most hard-fought world finals for Italy. It tells of that pigtail who wants to honor the promise he made to his father when he was only three years old: to win a World Cup wearing the Italy jersey.

The Divine Pigtail is the story of the myth of Baggio, a more personal and intimate journey of the footballer.

Lamartire could have given ample space to dribbling and trophies, but he prefers to dwell on the story of the pigtail. His apprenticeship and success, yes, but above all his life after the missed penalty and his rebirth with Brescia. The story of the legendary divin codino is a beautiful one. The aspect that more than others is highlighted is the relationship with his father: the most difficult fan he ever had. To be seen on Netflix before we get excited about this Euro 2020.

Summer '92: what the film is about

One more film before the kickoff on June 11: the exciting story of the Danish national team that in "Summer 92" became a legend that won the European Championship in that summer.It is a modern soccer story, unlike the series "The English game" and "Il Divin Codino", which tells the magic of that national team that was duly repossessed after being excluded from the European soccer tournament by Yugoslavia due to the war in the Balkans.

Denmark with 32 goals conquers all. The production is, as we might expect, Danish and the film is from 2015. In an hour and a half the story of the miraculous team in which the coach, always viewed with great skepticism, rearranges hearts and characters and leads the team to cross an important milestone. Perhaps more than soccer history is finally the romance of the ball, but it is also beautiful and needed to be told. The film is available on the Netflix platform.

And if all this soccer is not enough for you, on Amazon Prime Video, you can also see the documentary film of October 2020: "My name is Francesco Totti". 100 minutes in which, together with the fans, er pupone, traces his career, in an alternation of exciting moments related to soccer and his private life unfold and entertain.