Final Super Cashback ranking: the date

Millions of participants in the Cashless Italia program are still wondering when the final ranking of the State Cashback will be available: here's what the decree says.


Giuseppe Croce Journalist

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The first semester of the Ordinary State Cashback ended almost a week ago, we already know that the second semester is suspended, but we still don't know who will be the 100,000 users who will win the 1,500 euro Super Cashback. Or, rather, we don't know how many transactions are needed to win the prize.

The ranking of the first 100,000 is visible via the IO app and currently marks 786 transactions as the threshold for entering the winners' club. However, again from the IO app it turns out that "The leaderboard changes daily. You will receive a message when it is consolidated." This postilla has always been there, but it acquires even more significance in these days of fire, during which PagoPA technicians are sounding out the 758,292,228 transactions covered by the program, made by 7,914,043 users with 16,520,621 payment instruments activated. A titanic job, which the algorithms are taking care of, looking for suspicious microtransactions. Microtransactions that will be excluded from the count, changing the final ranking. But how long will it take?

Super Cashback ranking: the (not) definitive date

PagoPa has communicated that it will take until July 10 to sift through the transactions and that by that date the final ranking will be available. But it is not necessarily the final one, because users are granted the right of reply and appeal for both uncounted and cancelled transactions, as well as for a possible miscalculation of the ordinary cashback.

Decree Law 99 of June 30, 2021, the one with which the Draghi government has put the state reimbursement program on hold for the next semester, states that in the event of inaccurate counting of transactions, the user can file a complaint starting from the fifteenth day after the end of the previous semester (therefore from July 15 onwards) and no later than August 29. In this article we have explained how to appeal.

Complaints are passed to another public company, Consap, which checks them one by one and has 30 days to respond. This results in two dates and not one: the first one, July 10, related to the first final ranking (pre appeals) and the second one, at the end of September (post appeals and post Consap answers) which should be the final one.

Super Cashback: when the money arrives

In light of these dates, we can also understand why the Draghi government announced that the refunds and the final prize will not arrive before November. That is, about a month after the end of any possible challenge to the ranking and amounts.