Find out which photos your Facebook friends have liked

To know the "likes" left by our friends to images on Facebook is sufficient to type in the search bar "Photos liked by". Here's how to do it

Every day, between selfies, panoramas and various poses, we publish many photos on Facebook. So many that sometimes we can not, or do not remember, which photos we left a like. So how would it be useful to know, in some cases, which images our friends have added more "like".

Normally, if we do not know the social network, to perform this task, we should find all images posted on Facebook and go in search of who has liked the photos. A long and arduous process, if not impossible. As for our likes, if we wanted, we could also find them, the problem arises if we want to find out the likes left on the images by our friends. It would be really difficult. Yet all is not lost. Facebook, in fact, has a "secret" feature, known only by a few "geeks", which allows you to know how many and which photos we have added a like.

How the tool works

The tool, very fast and efficient, is called "Photos liked by". To launch it, you don't have to go to the general settings and activate the option. Instead, just type the phrase in the search bar. To be precise, the one we use to find a Facebook profile or add a new contact among the circle of friends. Once this is done, the social network will show us all the photos to which we have added a like.

The search can be customized through the filters that are on the left side of the page. Here we will be able to choose between content posted by us, our friends and groups. In addition, if we want, it is also possible to filter content by location.

How to recognize the likes of friends

With regard to the search for images to which our friends have left a like, the procedure is identical. The only difference is that, among the suggestions offered by Facebook when entering the phrase in the search bar, we should choose "Photos liked by friends" and that's it. If, on the other hand, we want to find out to which images a single friend has added likes, we'll have to type his name instead of the word "friends".