Find streaming TV series: the best search engines

Which platform is the TV series you want to watch? This is revealed by the search engines for TV series designed to save time and enjoy the content right away: here's what they are.

How many times has it happened that you want to watch a TV series but do not know on which platform it was available? In these cases you try Netflix's internal search engine, then that of Prime Video and the other platforms you subscribe to. Sometimes the content is found at the first attempt, other times you have to try on more services.

What if it was possible to know immediately where to find a content? The net comes to our rescue: in fact, on the web there are specific search engines for TV series and movies where you just have to type the title in the space provided to get all the information you want. These solutions are particularly useful now that streaming platforms have increased dramatically and users have subscribed so many times. These sites are also useful to know if the content is available or not in Italy and how many seasons it consists of. Here are 3 tv series search engines available online.

Tv series search engines: JustWatch

The first site where to find a tv series is JustWatch, which has many advantages for Italian users. First of all, it's in Italian, and it's also integrated with many providers, from Netflix to Prime Video, up to Disney +, RaiPlay, Chili, Tim Vision, Infinity, NOW Tv and many others.

It currently contains a database of over 5,500 titles. To search, just go to the appropriate bar at the top of the Home Page and type the title of the TV series. In case of homonymous contents, the system may ask you to select the one you are looking for. At this point, the platform shows the cover image, title, year of release, number of seasons and the services where it is available, including those on demand.

For example, Euphoria is available on NOW Tv but also on Chili at a cost of €2.49. At the bottom of the page, some TV series similar to the one searched are also mentioned.

Flixable: search engine for Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+

The second search engine is called Flixable and is specific to the three platforms Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. Here, you can search for content not only by title or by the name of an actor featured in the show, but you can also filter by genre, user rating, audio, and whether it's new or not.

It's especially useful for those who subscribe to the three platforms and like to watch content by genre: romance, teen drama, comedy, thriller, action, kids and so on.

Unogs and Google: how to search for a series online

The latest solutions are Unogs and Google... yes just the search engine.

Unogs is an English-language search engine, but very intuitive. Again, you can search by title and people playing the TV series. Also, you can filter your search by genre, audio and even the language of the subtitles.

The last solution to find a series online is to type the title into Google. A box on the right side of the page also pops up in the search results. Based on the platform you subscribe to, Google indicates if and where you can watch. For example, if a person subscribed to Disney+ (who has saved the passwords to their Google account) searches for Wandavision then "Watch it on Disney+" will appear in the search results.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a series that is not on one of the platforms you subscribe to, then the form asks "Already watched?" without indicating the specific platform.